Collecting Ancient Athenian Coins


Coins issued by certain cities or empires took the leading role in dictating which coins were readily acceptable for trade in the Mediterranean lands. One such   city  was  Athens , which established the “Attic standard” that was to be adopted later by Alexander the Great. Silver was used to pay civil servants, soldiers and mercenaries, and it is believed that the latter is the reason that many Greek silver coins were struck in the first place. The non-Greek lands of the Near East issued large quantities of silver coins, most notably the Parthians, Sassanians and Baktrians. These coins vary in style and fabric, the thickness and purity of the planchet on which the coin was struck, and are relatively under valued compared to the more widely collected issues of Greece proper.

In Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of warfare and wisdom. Later known as Minerva by the Romans, she was the goddess of not only wisdom and battle, but of certain crafts and the protector of all cities and states. At birth, according to one myth, she sprang from the forehead of Zeus, the king of the gods, fully grown and dressed in armor. Athena is usually shown wearing a helmet and a magic shield called the aegis. The goddess Athena was not only wise in war but also in the arts of peace. She supposedly invented the plow and taught men how to yoke oxen. Athena’s chief symbol was the owl and in Greek mythology, the owl is firmly linked with Athena who is usually picture with her owl perched on her shoulder. Some say that is why the owl, in modern times, associated with wisdom.

Athenian coins were used in exchange throughout the Greek world, hoards have been found as far away from  Athens  as Babylon, Afghanistan and Iran. The quantity of Athenian coins minted in last half of the fifth century BC, reflect the changed and powerful position of  Athens  in the eastern Mediterranean, from a small  city-state  defending itself on land against the onslaught of Darius at Marathon,  Athens  grew to be the  center  of an empire whose power was dependent on its control of the sea. From being a partner in and administrative head of the Delian League,  Athens  became its leader and its many  city-state  members paid  Athens  tribute.

Huge sums must have been necessary for the commercial activities of  Athens  port  city , Piraeus, construction atop the Acropolis and in the city, financing of the Athenian fleet, and perennial warfare. The money was derived not only from annual tribute received from the Delian League  city-states , but from rich silver deposits  Athens  owned and mined at Laurium, close to Cape Sunium as well. The mines provide the silver that paid for construction of the fleet that destroyed the Persians at Salamis in 479 BC.

Common to all issues of the coin are the goddess Athena, in profile on the obverse, and the owl, her constant companion, standing on the reverse, a sprig of olive leaves with a berry above its shoulder. Variations in design exist among denominations of the coin.


Should You Be the Victim of a Drunken Vehicle Driver Then Seek Out Help Right Away

Whenever people go in their automobile to travel to the store, these individuals will assume to get there and back without having an upsetting event. When they’re driving a vehicle along and maybe they are broadsided by a motorist changing streets, your day undertakes a completely new meaning. Just about any automobile accident is bad enough, however when the motorist who crashed into you appeared to be in addition intoxicated, you might be basically flabbergasted. You are in pain, your automobile is destroyed, you can’t work and your home life is tossed into uncertainty. This is certainly all due to somebody who didn’t know when to cease having alcoholic beverages and that commenced driving a motor vehicle. It could be a great idea to phone a lawyer including Kenneth A Wilhelm as quickly as possible. It could be also a fantastic notion to contact from the location of the automobile accident.

Simply being involved with any automobile accident is definitely major, but in case you have become injured because of somebody else, you may need legal representation quickly. You should have settlement for your damage, for the loss of work hours and for the over-all injury of the total ordeal. If someone is definitely engaged in an accident, they could click here to acquire facts about exactly what a personal injury attorney can do that may help the injured party recoup.

The Loan Product That Helps Rebuild Someone's Credit Score

King of Kash offers a unique lending product that is available with a speedy turn around time authorization process for individuals who want it. A new signature loan product is often a individual cash loan product which is founded on an individual’s present work rank and also revenue, or in short, his or her capacity to pay off the obligation. This really is unlike the majority of forms of financial loans, the consent involving which is predicated with the individual’s earlier payment historical past aka credit ranking. The actual different type of nature on this variety of loan product makes it suitable for the individual that needs to repair his or her credit history in order that they have greater funding selections down the road, for example the ability to be eligible for a property mortgage loan. You can find out more about signature financial loans here.

Wisdom comes along with age, and for that reason, it is not unusual to discover folks in their twenties and also thirties who will be still maturing and who are sorry for their more youthful economic indiscretions. It really is generally always simple to overcome blunders that one manufactured in days gone by (great info on that here), in particular with such opportunities as the power to borrow by means of a signature loan product plan so easily available. Once the particular individual repays the monthly payments that come with this sort of personal loan punctually, he’ll almost certainly have begun the operation of increasing his credit standing. This is often appealing, primarily because there could possibly be a variety of different reasons in the foreseeable future that this type of man or woman may require accessibility to more standard loan products. By simply mending his credit rating today, he will probably obtain that access in the future, as soon as he desires it.

Better still, would be the fact that, at the moment, King of Kash is offering signup bonuses to the people whom participate in their exciting existing motivation plan, “Refer a Friend.” This initiative affords the one that ended up being sent a direct money reward whenever he or she signs up for the signature financial loan. Anyone that sent them could possibly get the same benefit, roughly 45 days down the road, in the event the one that was sent has verified his / her intent to stick with this program and also pay off their loan as arranged. The latter person will get his / her check by way of the post. Fiscal offers are generally always an excellent thing!

Has President Barack Obama Performed His Task as Commander-In-Chief?

Obama hopped on the particular once a year review with some sort of video, in which lists their administration’s leading triumphs associated with his presidency. Intercontinental agreements similar to the Trans-Pacific as well as the nuclear offer feature certainly on the actual list. Yet some home problems, specially those in which faced Supreme Court difficulties, also help to make it in the aboard. Take the look Right Here with what the actual president feels must create every optimistic resident regarding 2016.

Organizations, in accordance with the US president, have extra 13.9 million brand new jobs around a 69-month streak associated with job development. Regardless of quite a few Republican risks and difficulties to typically the Affordable Attention Act (ACA), the landmark wellness bill made it 2015. Throughout June, typically the Supreme Court upheld a key component associated with the legislation, taking over in some sort of 6-3 selection that typically the govt can easily provide out tax assistance to their consumers throughout all declares, no subject whether they will signed upward through typically the federal or maybe state-based trade. You can Read More Here.

The price of typically the uninsured throughout America slipped below ten percent intended for the initial time ever before. In just about all, 17.3 million men and women and hiking have gathered coverage since the Reasonably priced Care Act has been added. Simply this calendar month, the administration expanded the contract to indicator up with regard to health insurance plan under the actual ACA by simply two nights because regarding unprecedented desire.

For the actual past season, the chief executive has greatly championed any climate modify agenda. Along with just final week, typically the world came up together from the environment talks for you to reach some sort of historic offer with dependable goals to be able to reduce green house gas emissions. It has been only probable because North America led along with clean power here in home and also strong diplomacy around the actual world. Within August, the actual US reopened their Cuban embassy, the actual first representational step to be able to normalizing contact between typically the two nations around the world and the particular first moment the flag possesses flown throughout Havana throughout 54 many years. Here is a great post to read.

Since typically the momentous situation, the government has used further measures to help make it simpler to traveling to as well as do organization. Experts switched the web page on a outdated coverage through re-establishing operations together with Cuba along with reopening the embassies, enabling people to construct greater neckties between Cubans and People in america. In simple fact, Iran offers already taken apart thousands regarding centrifuges that will enrich uranium. To learn more, look at this site.

Invest in Your Very Own Survival and Try and Be Totally Prepared for Anything

Did you read My Latest Blog Post? If you do, then possibly you actually will have seen that, if you are anything reminiscent of many people, that you can kiss your current desires of old age farewell. You can’t manage to actually afford to be able to stop working. Few folks may. So why not? Because the probability is overpowering that regardless of exactly how much cash you may have set aside, it likely could not be all you need. Researchers at Boston College have published a report that maintains that over an actual half of the actual households in America definitely will fail to have plenty of income put back to maintain the lifestyle that they may have appreciated previous to retirement plan, and this is accurate even once the assumption is that two members from the house work to the year of 65.

One expert believes that even those in the top rated 25% associated with revenue in the united states will eventually run short of the funds that is needed to retain their particular existing way of life – you will find much more as well as read his explanation on this page if you want. Investments in the stock exchange have failed to pay off as individuals had wished some might. For instance, if someone makes allowances for the cost of living, the stock exchange was flat for the past 15-16 years, which means that folks have essentially acquired little if truly any kind of actual riches via their ventures. Of course, financial institution cost savings offer little when it comes to interest, and even the United States bond industry pays but very little. There are numerous methods to play this kind of game. Professionals all over the place are generally in agreement that another recession – a big one – is definitely emerging on the current horizon.

Perhaps a good selection at this time with time than betting in investments which will with any luck , earn profits will be to rather, invest in reducing one’s debt. Purchase the skills that might see you actually through a long downturn – practical skills that may feed you, such as how to grow an outdoor garden, boost tiny cows, can food stuff, and much more. Invest within your wellbeing to make sure that you’ll be totally free of the desire to treat pricey health conditions, like all forms of diabetes, coronary disease, and cancer malignancy. Stroll. Do yoga. Make the sociable connections that may just stand an individual in very good stead some day. To put it differently, making the decision to invest in your own personal endurance could be the best investment decision of almost all. In order to find more, take a look here.

Every Single Brand-new Trader Requires a Supplier of Data Where They Can Learn

There is a very first time for almost everything, such as not simply investing in the stock market, but, purchasing open public shares each time a company to start with decides to go public. Such a good chance is termed an initial public offering, or even IPO. It wasn’t that long earlier that such recognized organizations as Facebook and also Krispy Kreme moved forward from being privately owned organizations to corporations that were openly held and exchanged about the stock trading game. Not every firms are going to choose to go public, (visit this official site to explore IPOs) but there are various companies which people wish will eventually go public, due to the fact regardless of what the cost of their own stock initially, within an old and of course well-known company, it typically increases and also the current buyer tends to make funds because of this.

Almost everyone has matured with the particular undeniable fact that committing to the stock exchange is actually “precarious,” and it furthermore can be. However, the more which actually somebody understands the way the financial system works on the planet, as well as the more knowledgeable they will grow to be (click for more info) after that the significantly less dangerous it becomes on their behalf personally. Trading is the most risky when it’s done by individuals who really don’t actually have a lot of perception of just what they are really performing. Thankfully, for that person able to spend the time and work to expend coming to know the marketplace, the info they desire is easily available online.

Simply take a look at this site, for instance. Most of the current various investment info available on the Internet provides information, but it just about requires a particular dictionary so that you can possibly set out to understand what you are reading. While it’s imperative that you thoroughly recognize expense terminology and manage to employ them accurately and in context, presently there additionally right now there will have to possibly be some sort of starting point that really makes items clear. This is certainly this sort of website. It is all totally laid out for the total novice within language that is crystal clear and of course ununequivocal and meant to relate the standard concepts instead of make an impression on the reader with its command of the investor’s unique terminology. If someone knows the method, the language will instantly follow, but the total reverse isn’t necessarily accurate.

Advocacy PACs are a Longstanding and Vital American Tradition

An advocacy PAC can use numerous identities. A few are simply identified as advocacy associations. A few others are actually known as lobby group, since they’re in connection with a nicely known lobby, or maybe special interest groups, or possibly, like End Citizens United, a strong political action committee (PAC). They are actually essentially the same, and also attempt to try and advocate for whichever selected cause it is which they exist to support. These groups try to place pressure on chosen political figures, on regulating bodies altogether, including Congress, and then on the public to sway the public’s view. Generally, they wish to affect not simply the particular route with the feelings and idea systems within the larger community, but also, with the development of potential laws and also of movements overall. They frequently try to get social modification, and sometimes do so with the guise of social benefit when within simple fact, the aim is much more self-serving.

Advocacy groups are seemingly a lasting section of the American cultural plus political situation. They are seen in a number of dimensions and influences, and sometimes appear like they are pitted one against one another. They try to get fans, and mail out emails utilizing labels like Follow End Citizens United. Some are generally seeking to alter general public view over generations while some merely have a particular objective, desire or perhaps resolution in mind that’s much more fast within both focus and aim. They often include faith based reasons assisting them all, professional or maybe industrial properties, or governmental maneuvering. Various associations are relatively obscure, and wield very little influence, while others are frequently a powerful factor in the way that the region happens to come to adopt specific positions.

Properly operated advocacy communities often gather supporters with time. With the End Citizens United illustration, you will find people who look for End Citizens United News and even who will follow End Citizens United on Twitter simply to turn out to be among the first of those to learn all or anything that potentially might be completely new, or regarding advance with the group’s objectives. Generally speaking, the significantly better funded associations get more sway, which means that monetary fund raising is usually a major aim involving just about any such lobby. With out adequate financing, it is difficult to get the actual radio and television time that actually reaches out and has a bearing on individuals, and to employ leading lobbyists to assist further a good lobby’s primary message.

Samples of sorts of causes that have already typically been popular with advocacy associations include any of those like civil rights, environmentally friendly considerations, and also anti-globalization. Women’s protection under the law are one more illustration, as is definitely the particular move which will endorses animal privileges, and thus a move to finish pet ownership. This very last is cleverly hidden to be able to seem to consideration pertaining to the actual circumstances regarding neglected creatures, although a closer assessment associated with the funds and even tactics of those associations tells an alternative narrative. In virtually all advocacy organizations, the particular discussion within the position is key to collecting assistance.

There's Help Always Available No Matter What the Shape of Your Finances

Inside a wonderful planet, kids are trained how to manage their income from a young age, not simply in the home, but also, at school. It starts simply, of course, as the particular necessary concepts are generally introduced, and then expand to a far more extensive understanding while they age and seem more able to comprehend complicated and also abstract thoughts. Regrettably, this is not typical, not to mention just what happens as the actual consequence is usually that numerous young people become adults with virtually no true knowledge of how to pull off controlling their money. They conclude their particular schooling and acquire a good job and precisely what do they do? They begin wasting their funds, instead of economizing it for potential requirements, such as a home, automobile, and so on. They also neglect to save for sudden emergencies, and they fail to save for their own retirement years. That time, of course, would seem so far away as to actually be mythical.

This is how many younger people tend to end up overwhelmed with personal debt, having discovered these needed lessons the challenging means. They often see that they are certainly not truly ready for the little urgent matters that living kicks their way, and they also frequently exhaust most of their funds well before the particular next salary will come. They’re people that usually see themselves in need of instant payday loans, or perhaps which embark on short term loans utilizing their better prepared (or educated) friends, people who find themselves not really in debt and who aren’t out of funds. The good news is, these kind of younger people will not be outside of choices. You will find direct payday lenders around who are able to give the loans that bridge the gap as well as tide men and women over. Also there is a good deal of info accessible that offers the correct type of financial advice to the people in that circumstance.

Even those that have bad credit have guidance available, for there are those who present payday loans bad credit, and you will find whole companies focused on aiding these individuals achieve control of their expending, their particular credit card debt, which will assist them in learning ways to work out with the ones to whom they owe to find the best phrases as well as, the best way to save. Generally, it only takes a number of years before folks are back wherever they would like to be, economically talking.

Hampton Creek Wants to Help You Eat Better

When people go to the supermarket, they often feel overwhelmed by the food choices they are making. While many foods are labeled as healthy or low-fat, this does not mean they truly are. Often, food manufacturers will use chemical products in the production of their foods. Dyes and fillers are not healthy and can lead to adverse health concerns. This is why Hampton Creek has been so adamant about making changes in the production of food for healthier options.

Hampton Creek is a company that relies on science to help them create a wide variety of foods. They have researched thousands of plants over the last five years, working to make sure their foods are free of animal byproducts, chemical fillers, and unhealthy dyes. Through their research, they have found many plants that can be used in the production of food to replace formerly used animal products.

Because of their research, they have been able to partner with farmers to grow sustainable crops that can be used in the foods they are creating. One of these crops is sorghum. Sorghum is a whole grain that grows very much like corn. Hampton Creek uses this grain in place of dairy products in their Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. They also plan on using it in other food products that will soon be coming on the market.

Hampton Creek’s goal from the very beginning has been to transform the food system. Through their own success, they have fostered change, encouraging other food producers to rise to the challenge they have set forth in ensuring there are more vegan food options on the market. As they continue striving for change, it is hoped other food producers will realize consumers want healthier food options that are more affordable.

Those who have never tried the many products of Hampton Creek are in for a treat. In the coming months, they will be expanding their food line and are currently working on as many as 500 more products. To learn more about what they have to offer, visit their website or social media sites. These will keep you informed of their latest news.

For the One That Knows Where to Put His Cash: the Self-directed IRA

Anyone who is smart with his or perhaps her money is without a doubt aware just how critical it really is to save with regard to their own retirement living. It’s really a crucial to save, however it is essential to actually save enough, to ensure you will be in the position to care properly for yourself whenever the time to retire ultimately comes. It is to this end that numerous folk have an IRA in order to put aside money with out tax penalty, and they usually add funds to this account each year. At this time there happen to be different types of IRA accounts obtainable, from those that are intentionally designed for the self-employed to those that allow you to roll over resources from other investments.

One specifically fascinating kind of IRA, especially regarding people who understand a little bit concerning investment funds, is definitely the self directed ira. A self-directed IRA is without a doubt viewed to be quite possibly the most accommodating of all of the types of IRA accounts available, given it allows the owner to become the custodian in the account, which means the self directed ira custodian, might choose how his money is expended. Inside conventional IRAs, a professional funds administrator is in charge, and chooses via a assortment of standard financial investment selections. The self-directed IRA permits an individual to have a far larger number of options, like real estate, alternative ventures and a lot more.