Do the Benefits Outweigh the Cons When it Comes to Purchasing Employee Vehicles?

When companies hit a certain size, they begin to debate costly additions to the firm. When companies reach a certain threshold for the team and crew working in the company, a question often pops up. Should they have employee cars?

There are quite a few reasons why this is a bad idea, and they typically surround the expense involved. Yes, purchasing a car or multiple cars for employee usage is expensive. It also requires insurance coverage, new maintenance expenses, and many other costs.

For many, the conversation ends right there. But, there are a select few that have continued it past the stage of “can it be done?” They are now in the stage of “how can this work?” It’s an exciting part of the process.

Interestingly, there are some rather fascinating benefits employee vehicles can bring. Does it work to load the team up with the right gear?

Freedom of Business

The drivers can have a sense of freedom and appreciation if they have a company car. For some, it is an inherent aspect of company loyalty. A company car is an amazing perk, and it builds company loyalty that can’t be provided in any other way. This is a surefire way to show appreciation, build a credible employee base, sustain internal leadership, and remain competitive internally.


Vehicles also self-market. There are a few ways this can play out. Potential clients see the authenticity and professionalism a company car provides the image of the company. It also advertises on the road. But, the professionalism of a company vehicle and the consistent image that offers across-the-spectrum can vastly improve the image of a company.

Some of the top companies in any industry offer personal cars. Can a moderate-level firm afford it? With this step, they can build internal longevity and potentially open themselves up to the big leagues? Cars can also be used as tools for pay raises or a substitute for them.

Visit the website at for more on accounting for employee car expenses. The link provides insight into making it work and if it can be a sensible step in the right direction.