Hampton Creek Wants to Help You Eat Better

When people go to the supermarket, they often feel overwhelmed by the food choices they are making. While many foods are labeled as healthy or low-fat, this does not mean they truly are. Often, food manufacturers will use chemical products in the production of their foods. Dyes and fillers are not healthy and can lead to adverse health concerns. This is why Hampton Creek has been so adamant about making changes in the production of food for healthier options.

Hampton Creek is a company that relies on science to help them create a wide variety of foods. They have researched thousands of plants over the last five years, working to make sure their foods are free of animal byproducts, chemical fillers, and unhealthy dyes. Through their research, they have found many plants that can be used in the production of food to replace formerly used animal products.

Because of their research, they have been able to partner with farmers to grow sustainable crops that can be used in the foods they are creating. One of these crops is sorghum. Sorghum is a whole grain that grows very much like corn. Hampton Creek uses this grain in place of dairy products in their Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. They also plan on using it in other food products that will soon be coming on the market.

Hampton Creek’s goal from the very beginning has been to transform the food system. Through their own success, they have fostered change, encouraging other food producers to rise to the challenge they have set forth in ensuring there are more vegan food options on the market. As they continue striving for change, it is hoped other food producers will realize consumers want healthier food options that are more affordable.

Those who have never tried the many products of Hampton Creek are in for a treat. In the coming months, they will be expanding their food line and are currently working on as many as 500 more products. To learn more about what they have to offer, visit their website or social media sites. These will keep you informed of their latest news.