What are the different types of picking systems?


Digital Pick System or Pick-to-Light System is an advanced paperless picking system providing an innovative, streamlined and cost-effective solution to simplify the order fulfillment process in warehouses or distribution centers.

Light-directed order picking

Pick-to-light system is acknowledged to be the quickest operator-based picking strategy available to implement broken case quantity order fulfillment operations. Ultimate for team-based approaches like zone picking, the LP pick solution will increase the pick rate productivity, accuracy and price efficiency of this labor intensive method.

 Lightning pick’s flagship LP Pick is that the most versatile and powerful light-directed picking application existing. Today, the Lightning pick is that the favorite installed the pick-to-light system in leading the business each in new installation and in retrofits of heritage systems.

Reducing pick error

Pick-to-light improves order achievement; performance by reducing the time spent walking between things needed by an order and removing the errors related to reading paper pick lists.

High-speed piece picking

Lightning Pick’s light-directed technique is that the quickest pick automation available to boost up the speed and order quality of our broken case quantity or piece picking operations.

Best-in-class solution

The lightning pick is widely accepted because of the best-in-class pick-to-light system available on the market. We deliver evidenced performance and also the latest innovations to our material handling operations.


Better productivity, accuracy, and flexibility

It offers various benefits over conventional order picking strategies like paper lists or wireless terminals. Instead of communicating visually via paper or computer monitors, Pick-to-Voice relies on voice directions through headphones and a mike.

By releasing the operator’s hands to handle the stock items, Pick-to-Voice ensures an ergonomic and efficient pick sequence. Without the requirement to handle wireless data terminals and paper lists eliminated, the order picker will focus entirely on retrieving the desired items.

No more manual keying data or time-consuming scanning on stock locations. Instead, the instructions to and responses from the picker are entirely by voice. Delays caused by the picker having to prevent retrieving items so as to enter data into a tool are a thing of the past. The operation is rationalized – and productivity increases.

Where it fits?

Voice picking systems are designed to service fast-medium and medium-slow, full case and split case products, making them a versatile selection for order fulfillment.

Due to the hands-free, eyes-free operation, employees are able to hear instructions and perform tasks without having to seem down on a portable computer screen or type through a pack of picking labels. The voice terminal interacts wirelessly and in real time with the mass computer or WMS, prompting the operator through a task with audible commands, and expecting a verbal confirmation or request.

Simple and quick to learn

Our expertise has shown that Voice systems need very little coaching. The operator merely slips on the headset and voice computer, spends around 15 minutes orienting the computer with their voice, and that they can begin work soon. This can be terribly attractive in distribution operations where a large number of temporary workers are often needed throughout peak periods.

Extending voice into item picking applications

Voice picking has additionally been totally integrated into zone routing systems for item picking. Item picking applications allow multiple orders to be batched together for more efficient picking of tiny orders in pick modules. Alternatively, numerous orders can be batched to a pick cart to handle the slowest moving space inside a warehouse. To read more about shuttle rack click here.