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Top Resultant Factors of Car Accidents in The United Stated Today
It is almost unbelievable that the US records an average of six million car crashes every year which is about 16000 per day and a very unfortunate daily occurrence. The sad truth is that anyone can be a victim of these accidents whereby their fault or others’ and everyone must thus be enlightened about the leading causes of the accidents and what they should do to minimize them at the end of the day. If you are not familiar with some of the top causes of car accidents in the US today, read here about them and one’s role as a driver in cutting down these accidents.

First on the list comes distracted driving which is so common with people all over the world today texting, talking on the phone, talking their breakfast, separating kids from fights in the backseat and fumbling for things dropped on the floor among others all while driving. People should avoid any form of distraction while on the road as any diversion of attention no matter how small can take their lives as well as other people’s or even leave them badly injured as well. It only takes the two seconds for an accident to happen and take a life, crash another person’s car or even injure others and get injured seriously. Just a few seconds are enough for so many things to happen to range from the car at the front slowing down and someone or an animal crossing the street among many others. It is unfortunate that nine Americans are killed by a distracted driver every day which translates to about 3000 people annually with more than 1000 others getting injured by distracted driving every year as well. The trick to solving the above lies in paying full attention to the road when driving with phones far away until one reaches their destination.

Over speeding is another leading cause of car accidents in the world today and not just in the United States which mostly takes place when people are either later for work or a game as well as late for curfew among many other reasons. Anyone would obviously speed of they heard that their wife is in labor which happens every day today. In opposition to what everyone else thinks, none of the reasons no matter how good it may sound should be a reason to speed as one may never either make it ether in the long run or be late due to an accident. While some people drive around when drunk and maybe just reckless, others end up causing accidents for running the stop signs and red lights as well as due to poor weather.